Wellness Wednesday from APfC! – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Senior citizens bring wisdom, knowledge, and guidance to our lives. They have spent most of their lives loving and caring for us. They deserve care and love in this age. Valentine’s Day is on 14th February, and it’s time to spread the love. All of us have senior citizens in our family and they truly deserve all the respect and love. Let us demonstrate our love, care and respect for them on this Valentine’s Day by sending text messages, quotes and wishes on Facebook, and Whatsapp. Send Valentine day ideas to them and make their lives happy and lovable.

Cute Valentine Quotes for Elderly
1). Until you have compassion, you cannot have real love. Happy Valentine’s day

2). Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. Happy Valentine’s day

3). My heart to you is given, please do give yours to me. I will lock them up together and throw away the key. Happy Valentine day

4). As long as you love me, as long as you care, I will stay by your side be your companion, your friend and guide

For more ideas, visit: http://bit.ly/3d1zWSq