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Can Companion Care at Home Help Your Loved One Feel Less Lonely?

Companion Care at Home

Ever since the pandemic, many people have found themselves more isolated and alone. This is especially true for the elderly. And while the majority of the pandemic restrictions have either been lifted or eased, many elderly are still isolating themselves due to poor health conditions. They may have also found many services have still not returned, so programs that used to keep them active and help them connect with others may not be available anymore.

As a caregiver of an elderly loved one, especially one who lives alone, you may worry about them feeling lonely and isolated. While you can do your part of connecting with them regularly, because of time and/or distance, you may not be able to do it as often as they’d like.

One option may be to hire someone to provide companion care at home. A professional care provider can help your loved one stay connected with someone and provide social interactions to enrich her life. While together they can discover many different activities to enjoy together, here are just a few ways a companion care at home provider can help your loved one feel less lonely.

  • Meal prep and companionship. Eating alone can be very hard for some people. It makes the food less enjoyable and often causes the person to not only eat less but to make poor food choices. When only eating by yourself, it can just seem easier to have a bowl of cereal and get it over with. Having a companion care at home provider help prepare healthy meals and then join your loved one at the table for conversation as they enjoy the food, is a great way to help your loved one not only abate those feelings of loneliness but eat better and enjoy her meals more.
  • Entertain. No, your companion care at home provider will not put on a vaudeville show each time she visits. But she can join your loved one in a fun game of UNO or help her put a puzzle together. Playing games and interacting with others will help your loved one feel less isolated and will also help to exercise her cognitive thinking functions. It’s a double win while having tons of fun.
  • Be active. If your loved one is nervous about walking on her own or doesn’t want to swim without someone nearby, a companion care at home provider can help by being that partner when she visits. Together they can take the dog out for a walk or if your loved one has a pool, your care provider can sit by the pool while your loved one does laps, not only providing companionship but making sure your loved one stays safe while she is physically active.

There are many ways a companion care at home provider can connect with and help your loved one feel less lonely and isolated. They will work with the family to determine what options are best for everyone, and your loved one will feel a bit less alone in the world.

If you or an aging loved one are considering companion care at home in Coronado, CA please contact the caring staff at A Passion for Care today. Call (858) 798-5005

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