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Personal Care at Home Advice for Seniors and COVID-19

COVID-19: Personal Care at Home San Diego CA
COVID-19: Personal Care at Home San Diego CA

Typically, COVID-19 has three symptoms that signal people they might test positive. But for seniors, these symptoms might not exist, making it difficult to assess what ailment they’re dealing with. It can be especially hard to monitor their health when they live alone, which is why personal care at home might be beneficial when loved ones can’t check on seniors as much as they’re like.

Common Changes Seniors Might Display Associated With COVID-19

The common symptoms of COVID-19 include a fever, a cough that doesn’t go away, and shortness of breath. For seniors, however, these symptoms might not be present. Since seniors are at a higher risk for the disease, this is troublesome news for loved ones. What should loved ones and personal care at home providers look for instead? Continue reading to find out.

  • Seniors might seem unfocused: For seniors suffering from COVID-19, they may seem as if they’re having difficulty focusing. Loved ones and caregivers might say they see distant or confused. This confusion might cause seniors to become unstable or unsure of their surroundings.
  • Seniors might sleep more than usual: Seniors might also sleep more than usual or be fatigued more easily. It’s important to assess if this might be due to a medication change when assessing for COVID-19.
  • Seniors’ appetites might change: Caregivers might notice a shift in their appetite unrelated to other medical issues or medication changes.
  • Seniors might have a drop in blood pressure: Cases have shown that seniors might have a drop in their blood pressure at the onset of COVID-19. Knowing this, seniors and their caregivers can watch for dips in their rates and take protective measures.

Seniors presenting with different symptoms or behaviors related to medical conditions are not new. This is seen in other instances as well. Due to the changes in seniors’ immune systems as they age, they respond to illnesses differently than others, or how they might have responded in their earlier years.

Additionally, when seniors do display more common symptoms, they might be masked by other medical issues present. Another issue arises in seniors with cognitive issues who might not be able to communicate the symptoms they are having.

How to Help if Seniors Test Positive for COVID-19

When seniors test positive for COVID-19, there are many concerns that loved ones have beyond the diagnosis. For one, isolation for seniors can trigger bouts of depression. Socialization is a key component of senior health and well-being.

When isolation is required, loved ones may only be able to check in virtually. When seniors struggle with technology, that can be difficult. Having a personal care at home aide caring for seniors during this time gives loved ones peace of mind.

Those who struggle to keep active during the day when they’re feeling well will lose the benefit of their routines that get them out of the house and participating in physical activity. Although they can do this in the house, the increased fatigue and instability make sticking to the routine difficult. This is another thing elder care professionals can assist with to make sure seniors get the care they need.

Adding a dedicated health professional, such as personal care at home attendants, to provide care for seniors as they navigate issues with COVID-19 or any other illness is essential. These professionals monitor seniors’ health and help them with cleaning the house, cooking, and medication management. They can also help seniors as they move within the home to ensure they are safe.

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