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Personal Care at Home Can Help With Grocery Shopping

Personal care at home can help with activities like transportation to the store or grocery shopping, ensuring healthier foods and items are purchased.
Personal care at home can help you and your senior with grocery shopping.
Personal care at home can help you and your senior with grocery shopping.

Your loved one should avoid certain foods but also eat healthy foods every single day. If your loved one needs help with transportation to the store or shopping, personal care at home can help with these activities. Your loved one needs to think about adding certain foods to their next grocery shopping trip, and all of these foods can be easily prepared with the help of personal care at home.

Here is what to add to your next grocery list.


Buy All the Vegetables

Your senior loved one should be focused on getting tons of nutrients and multiple kinds of vitamins and minerals. Yes, there are extra supplements that your loved one may take. But most of the time your elderly mom or dad can get all the nutrients that they need from eating the right way. So, the next time a personal care at home aide helps your mom or dad go grocery shopping they should be picking out tons of fruits and vegetables to snack on and incorporate into meals.

If your senior does not like snacking on raw vegetables, that’s okay! There are tons of lunch and dinner recipes, and personal care at home workers can help them prepare. They can eat baked carrots, lentil and pea soup, kale salads, and much more. All of these are filled with vegetables and are easy to make. Fruits and vegetables should always be added to a grocery list because they are healthy.


Find Healthy Fats

So many people are scared of the word “fat,” and for a good reason: not all fat is healthy. Your loved one should not be getting donuts or sweets with tons of fat in them. This is not healthy fat and will make their blood sugar skyrocket.

Personal care at home providers should be helping a senior choose healthy fats like those found in avocados and nuts. These are not only great to add to salads, but they can make great snacks by themselves or added to things like smoothies. Healthy fat needs to be added to all seniors’ diets and make it on their next shopping list. If your loved one needs help figuring out what a healthy fat is, this is something their doctor should help them with.


Look for the Right Protein

Not all protein is created equally; some options are better than others. Beans are wonderful if they are not heavily processed or have any add-in ingredients, chicken and turkey are wonderful if they are not in the form of lunch meat, even steak can be great if it’s cooked thoroughly.

Remember that not all seniors should eat red meat, and getting a steak may have to be a special treat. Chicken is one of the best things a senior can eat, and it does have tons of protein, but it is not their only option. Personal care at home workers should sit down with seniors and find recipes packed with protein they like.



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