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How Does Companion Care at Home Support Aging in Place?

Aging in place is a big goal and sometimes seniors need help from multiple sources, including companion care at home, to make that dream a reality.
Companion care at home helps seniors age in place easier.
Companion care at home helps seniors age in place easier.

Seniors face a variety of challenges as they age. One of the biggest might be where they plan to live out the rest of their lives. More and more seniors are determined to do something called aging in place or staying in their own homes for as long as they can continue to do so. This is a goal that can mean a lot to seniors, so finding solutions that can help makes a difference.

Companion care at home is one such possible answer.


Why Is Aging in Place Important?

For so many seniors, aging in place is a symbol. It means they’re still independent and have control over what happens in their lives. Aging in place also means that seniors don’t have to leave their homes, their neighborhoods, and the things familiar to them.

Seniors often choose to age in place because they don’t know what changes moving will bring to their lives and want to stick with what they know. However, some seniors find that aging in place can be lonelier than they expected.


Companionship and Aging in Place

Addressing the social and emotional challenges of aging in place is a lot easier with the help of companion care at home. Companion caregivers offer social engagement, helping seniors more easily spend time with others. They spend time talking with seniors, playing games, reading books, and engaging in all sorts of different activities. This seems simple on the surface, but companion caregivers help seniors feel less alone while also feeling supported.


Complementing Other Support Services

Companion care at home is just one piece in a comprehensive plan to help seniors successfully age in place. Ideally, companion caregivers work hand-in-hand with home care providers, family caregivers, healthcare providers, and other support services as seniors need them. Working with these other support services ensures that aging adults have all their needs met, including physical and emotional needs.


Promoting Emotional Well-being

The biggest reason to encourage seniors to take advantage of companion care at home while aging in place is because it promotes emotional well-being in so many ways. The sense of connection that seniors are able to experience is a powerful tool that contributes to an improved quality of life. Social engagement helps to boost mood, can improve cognitive function, and even supports improved physical health. All of these are essential parts of helping seniors embrace wellness in every area of life.


When seniors access companion care at home as they age in place, they’re able to formulate a holistic plan that helps them stay independent and live their lives the way they want. This is an essential part of why most seniors opt to age in place at all, so having a way to support seniors emotionally helps make the plan possible. As they continue to age in place, older adults can lean on the entire support system they’ve created as they’ve worked to put their plan together.



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