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Personal Care At Home – Tips To Make Getting Dressed Each Day Easier For Seniors

Personal care at home

One of the hardest parts about getting older for many seniors is losing dexterity and flexibility. When seniors start to lose dexterity and flexibility in their hands it can make doing everyday tasks hard. Seniors may feel scared, ashamed, or worried when they no longer can easily do things like brush their teeth, brush their hair, or button up a shirt.

Most seniors take a lot of pride in their appearance. Not being able to keep up their appearance or dress in the clothes they’d like to wear can make seniors not want to leave the house.

Personal care at home is a great way for seniors to get the support they need without any embarrassment or awkwardness. Personal care at home is specialty care for seniors that need some help with things like bathing, hygiene tasks, and getting dressed.

Some other tips that seniors can use to make getting dressed in the clothes they want to wear easier each day are:

As we age, tasks that were once routine can become more challenging. Getting dressed is one such activity that may require a bit of adaptation to ensure comfort, safety, and independence for seniors. Whether it’s due to mobility issues, arthritis, or other physical limitations, there are several strategies that can make the process of dressing easier and more enjoyable. Here are some helpful tips to assist seniors in getting dressed:

Buy Appropriate Clothing

As seniors get older they may have an easier time wearing clothing with elastic waistbands or drawstring waists that are easy to get on. Seniors should also buy clothing with Velcro or snaps, large buttons, and wide neck openings. Stretchy fabric will help seniors pull shirts on and off. It’s also a good idea to get clothing that is a little oversized so that seniors aren’t fighting to fasten tight clothing.

Dress in Layers

Wearing multiple layers allows seniors to adjust their clothing to accommodate changes in temperature throughout the day. It’s easier to add or remove a layer as needed.

Use Adaptive Clothing

Explore adaptive clothing options designed specifically for individuals with mobility or dexterity challenges. Adaptive clothing typically features thoughtful design elements that simplify the dressing process.

Sort Clothes By Outfit

Have a care provider hang up clothes in a full outfit like hanging a pair of pants with a shirt that goes with it. Or hang a dress with a sweater. It will be easier for seniors to get dressed in a full outfit rather than try to put together an outfit.

Make Sure There Is A Sturdy Chair In The room

If standing is difficult, encourage seniors to sit down while getting dressed. A sturdy chair with armrests provides support and stability.

Use Dressing Aids For Seniors

Assistive devices like dressing sticks, button hooks, and zipper pulls can make manipulating buttons, zippers, and other closures easier for seniors with limited hand strength or dexterity.

Dress the Weaker Side First

If one side of the body is weaker or less mobile, start with that side when putting on clothes. This ensures that the stronger side can provide support and assistance.

Get Sturdy Slip On Shoes

Choose slip-on shoes with elastic or stretchy panels for easy wearing. Velcro closures can also be more manageable than traditional laces.

Install Balance Supports

If balance is a concern, provide a sturdy and comfortable place to sit while dressing. Seniors can dress while seated on a bed, chair, or bench.

Arrange Items Within Reach

Organize clothing, undergarments, and accessories in a way that they are easily accessible. Use lower shelves, drawers, or hangers at waist height to minimize stretching and reaching.

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