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10 Reasons Why Seniors Who Smoke Should Quit Now

Discover why seniors should quit smoking now for improved respiratory, cardiovascular, and overall health.
In-Home Care: Quit Smoking Coronado, CA
In-Home Care: Quit Smoking Coronado, CA

10 Reasons Why Seniors Who Smoke Should Quit Now

Even though smoking is one of the worst things that seniors can do for their health between 8% and 10% of seniors smoke. Many seniors have been smoking for most of their lives and find it very difficult to quit. Others think that they’ve already ruined their health by smoking anyway so they don’t have any incentive to quit.

But research shows that seniors can still reverse some of the damage caused by smoking if they quit now. No matter how long seniors have smoked there are significant health benefits to stopping. Research shows that smoking does as much damage to a senior’s brain health as having Type 2 diabetes or hypertension. Some of the reasons why seniors should quit smoking now are:

Lower Risk of Respiratory Diseases:

Smoking is a major contributor to respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer. Quitting smoking reduces the risk of developing these debilitating conditions, leading to improved respiratory function and easier breathing for seniors. Seniors who want to quit but are struggling should talk to their doctor about medications that can make quitting easier.

Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Smoking is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes. Quitting smoking contributes to better cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of heart-related issues and promoting overall heart well-being in seniors. Seniors who receive in-home care for chronic diseases will have the one-on-one support they need to quit for good.

A Stronger Immune System

Smoking weakens the immune system, making individuals more susceptible to infections and illnesses. Seniors who quit smoking have a stronger immune system that is more capable of keeping them healthy.

Lower Cancer Risk

Smoking is one of the things that influence whether or not seniors get certain cancers like lung, throat, and esophageal cancers. Quitting smoking significantly lowers the risk of developing these life-threatening diseases, offering seniors a chance for cancer prevention and improved long-term health.

Better Breathing And Lung Function

Even if seniors have smoked for a long time their lung function and ability to breathe will get better if they quit smoking. The lungs will start to repair themselves as soon as seniors quit. Within a month of quitting most seniors have better lung function and an easier time breathing. Seniors who want to quit but aren’t sure they can make it stick should try in-home care. A care provider is a great accountability partner who can help seniors quit smoking for good.

A Healthier Heart

Smoking damages blood vessels, leading to reduced blood flow and increased risk of blood clots. Quitting smoking reduces the stress on the heart. And it improves cardiovascular function as well as circulation.

An Easier Time Managing Existing Health Conditions

Seniors that have diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic illnesses usually find that it’s easier to manage their chronic conditions when they quit smoking. The symptoms of their existing conditions become less difficult to deal with, and some of them may even disappear as seniors start to make better lifestyle choices.

Better Cognitive Function

New research shows that smoking is really bad for cognitive health. Seniors who smoke are increasing their chances of dementia and other cognitive problems. Smoking can double the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and can cause rapid cognitive decline in seniors.

Stronger Bones

Smoking is associated with a higher risk of osteoporosis and fractures in seniors. Quitting smoking contributes to better bone health by allowing the body to absorb essential minerals like calcium more effectively, reducing the risk of fractures and maintaining stronger bones.

A More Active Life

Seniors who quit smoking find it easier to move, and movement is the key to maintaining mobility as seniors get older. When seniors quit smoking it will be easier for them to take a walk, join a class, and enjoy life.

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