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The Best Exercises for Bone Strength with Senior Nutrition and Home Care

Weight-bearing, resistance training, balance, and flexibility exercises, paired with proper senior nutrition and home care, can help seniors maintain bone strength and prevent injury.
Senior Nutrition and Home Care: Senior Bone Strength in San Diego, CA
Senior Nutrition and Home Care: Senior Bone Strength in San Diego, CA

The Best Exercises Seniors Can Do For Bone Strength

As seniors get older, they can lose bone density and strength, even if they don’t have osteoporosis. Maintaining bone strength is something that seniors need to make a priority. When seniors have weak bones, they are more likely to be injured in a fall or to have a harder time getting around safely.

Eating a healthy diet with essential vitamins and minerals is one thing that seniors should be doing to keep their bones strong and bodies healthy. But exercise, coupled with Senior Nutrition and Home Care, is also important for maintaining bone health.

Exercise is one of the most recommended ways for seniors to improve their health. Doing specific exercises that will strengthen muscles and improve bone health will help seniors stay mobile and maintain their balance.

The most recommended exercises for seniors who want to maintain and improve their bone strength are:

Weight Bearing Exercises

Weight-bearing exercises are easy for most seniors to do because they use the body’s own weight to strengthen muscles and bones. There are a few different weight-bearing activities that seniors can try like walking, stair climbing, and dancing. Stair climbing may be difficult for some seniors, so seniors should check with their doctors before trying stair climbing. Seniors who have Senior Nutrition and Home Care can ask their care provider to go for walks or bike rides with them to motivate them to exercise.

If your senior parent has been sedentary for a while and they don’t want to join a gym or exercise outdoors, they can start doing weight-bearing exercises at home with indoor walking programs or a stationary bike.

Resistance Training

Yoga and strength training are two different kinds of resistance training but both are very effective for seniors. Yoga for seniors includes poses that will improve flexibility and balance while also improving bone and muscle strength. Weight training or strength training is essential for seniors that want to have strong muscles and bones. Seniors can start resistance training slowly with just five or ten minutes of yoga and weight training a couple of times per week. Then, as their flexibility and stamina improve, they can exercise for longer with the support of Senior Nutrition and Home Care.

Balance and Stability Exercises

Seniors who practice balance and stability by doing activities like Tai Chi or balance ball exercises often improve their bone strength without even realizing it. Seniors who are living alone and want to continue to live independently should be doing balance and stability exercises regularly so they can stay mobile and independent. Pilates is also a great balance exercise for seniors because it focuses on building core strength which helps seniors move easily.

Flexibility and Range of Motion Exercises

Stretching may not seem like exercise, but since most seniors are sedentary throughout the day, stretching can help with flexibility and range of motion. Senior Nutrition and Home Care providers can encourage your senior parent to stretch and do some easy exercises while they are sitting on the couch throughout the day. Some gyms and seniors centers also offer stretching classes for seniors in addition to other senior-oriented workouts designed to focus on bone strength, flexibility, and mobility.

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