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Elder Care Tips to Help Seniors Stop Smoking

Smoking can severely affect our health, especially when seniors continue to smoke as they age. Here are a few elder care tips to help them quit.
Smoking: Elder Care La Mesa CA
Smoking: Elder Care La Mesa CA

Smoking is one of the worst things seniors can do when it comes to their health. Most seniors know this, but will continue to smoke as the addiction to smoking can be strong. Especially for seniors who have been smoking since they were young. Smoking can cause a huge range of health problems and increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart disease. The human body is resilient, and if seniors stop smoking their bodies can start to repair some of the damage that has been caused by years of smoking. Within a month of quitting smoking, seniors can see real changes in their health as their bodies start to heal. It’s very worth it for seniors to quit smoking now, no matter how long they have been smoking, and elder care can help.

Start Decreasing

If seniors aren’t ready to totally quit smoking they can still start improving their health if they just start decreasing the number of cigarettes they smoke each day. A great way to start is by cutting out one cigarette per hour. Just one less cigarette smoked per hour can reduce the number of cigarettes that a senior smokes by 12 or more per day. Doing that every day and decreasing more and more will help seniors quit totally and improve their health while they are quitting. Elder care can help seniors by rationing their cigarettes and doing other things to help them stay on track.

Get Some Help

There is a lot of help out there for seniors that want to quit smoking. There are over the counter smoking cessation products like nicotine gum that can be a big help to seniors as they quit. Your senior parent’s doctor can also prescribe medication that will help them quit smoking if the over the counter remedies aren’t helping. Hypnosis, therapy, and counseling can also help by addressing the underlying reasons why your senior parent smokes. There is no shame in getting professional help.

Stress Management

Stress management can help seniors quit smoking because for many seniors stress is one of the triggers that makes them want to smoke. When seniors learn healthier ways to manage and reduce their stress they are able to reduce the craving for a cigarette until they no longer want a cigarette in times of stress. Seniors who find healthier ways to deal with stress will also find that their general health improves.

Take it One Day at a Time

It’s important for seniors to remember that quitting smoking won’t happen overnight. Seniors aren’t failing at quitting smoking if they still need to smoke for awhile during the quitting process. But if your senior parent takes it one day at a time and one choice at time, they can quit successfully. Just remind them that they always have a choice.

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